Welcome to the
California Department of Insurance
Electronic Suspected Fraudulent Claim (eFD-1) Portal!

This is the Insurance Industry portal for submitting and amending Electronic Suspected Fraudulent Claims (eFD-1s). Hard copy FD-1 forms submitted by mail are no longer accepted.

Please Note: If you are a member of the general public and want to report a case of suspected insurance fraud, or if you are a Licensed Insurance Agent reporting suspected fraud pursuant to SB 1242, please use the portal located here:   Consumer Insurance Fraud Reporting Form - Basic Portal (ca.gov)


System Notifications / Outages: None

Portal Registration

To submit eFD-1s, your entity must first register in the California Department of Insurance (CDI) eFD-1 System using these steps:

  • Click the blue "Sign In" button in the upper right corner of this page.
  • Click the blue "Register your company here" button.
  • Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Complete all required fields identified with an asterisk (*) on the Company Registration page. You will need to provide your CA number, Legal Entity number, Self-Insured Certificate number, Producer License number, or BSIS Investigator License number.
  • When all fields and pages are complete, click the "Register" button to submit your registration request for review / approval


One username per user is used to file Suspected Fraudulent Claim forms electronically for either a single or multiple companies.

Resetting Passwords

  • Select "Forgot Your Password?" button.
  • Enter a Username.
  • Click Submit.


Need help with your registration, company organization, or a password reset? Contact ElectronicSubmissionFD-1@insurance.ca.gov and we will assist you.


Requirements for All Submissions (CDI or NICB Portal)

Reporting Threshold:
The establishment of reasonable belief as defined in statute/regulation.

eFD-1 Summary:
CCR Section 2698.38(d)(9) requires the following summary questions be addressed in the EFD-1 Summary field:

  1. What facts caused the reporting party to believe insurance fraud occurred or may have occurred?
  2. What are the suspected misrepresentations and who it was that allegedly made them?
  3. How is the alleged misrepresentation(s) material, how do they affect the claim or transaction?
  4. Who are the pertinent witnesses to the alleged misrepresentation and what documentation exists?
  5. Include a statement as to whether or not the investigation is complete.


Information Specific to ISO/NICB Users

ISO/NICB referrals can be submitted to the CDI Fraud Division if the Reporting Party elects to do so when completing the ISO/NICB referral. Either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers are required (with popups enabled) to successfully complete the referral process.

CDI Portal Users who submitted through ISO/NICB can still log into their CDI Portal User Account to view or amend their referrals, provided they have selected the correct Reporting Party (the Reporting Party their company has designated be used to report to CDI) from the NICB Portal’s dropdown list.

Note: If you successfully submitted a referral through NICB but cannot locate the eFD-1 in the portal, please do not submit a duplicate referral. Instead, contact CDI at ElectronicSubmissionFD-1@insurance.ca.gov to resolve the issue properly.


General Information

Case Numbers - Once a user submits an eFD-1, the referral may be subject to internal processes before a case number is generated. The eFD-1# will act as the receipt/tracking number for both the user and CDI. An email notification will be released once the Case Number is generated.

EFD-1 Reports - To print eFD-1 reports, search for the eFD-1 and click "Versions". From there, you can View/Print the eFD-1 in PDF format. Additionally, eFD-1s being previewed before submission can be saved and printed.

Reporting to Other Agencies - The “Reports to Other Agencies” District Attorney Office field is used for informational and regulatory purposes with CDI personnel; it does not automatically send an EFD-1 report to District Attorney offices.



Need help with the CDI EFD-1 Portal? Contact ElectronicSubmissionFD-1@insurance.ca.gov and provide a detailed explanation of your issue so we can provide you with assistance.