This page is designed for those of you who have not yet registered and been approved to use the new Electronic FD-1 (eFD-1) company portal.

The following instructions provide valuable information to assist you in setting up your company, your users, and if applicable, granting authorization to other companies to file claims on your behalf.

Prior to registering, we suggest that you take a few moments and read the Home Page as it will help you get started. Details for the registration process are found on the Home Page.

If you are an admitted insurer of the State of California with a valid CA number, your registration will be automatically approved. If not, the Department of Insurance (CDI) will review your registration and will notify you of its status.

The following are tasks you may have to do prior to submitting eFD-1s:

1. Create Users

You can create both Local Managers and General Users as they apply to your specific needs. You may want to contact each potential user to determine what Username they wish to use. As you set up each new user, we suggest you enter a generic password. Once you create the user you should advise that individual to go into the system and change their password.

2. Authorize Other Companies (Filing a new claim)

To begin the authorization process, all interested parties need to register and receive approval from CDI. Once the registration is approved, the victim company or victim self-insured must "Authorize" the reporting party to file eFD-1s on their behalf.

If you are an entity, such as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) that files for victim company or victim self-insured, these entities must authorize you to file eFD-1s on their behalf.

Change in process: TPA’s are no longer allowed to authorize other entities to file eFD-1s.

To authorize other companies, you need to sign on to the system and:

  • Click the "Company" link.
  • Click "Company Authorization".
  • Click the "Add New Authorization" button.
  • Select the company you want to authorize from the drop down list and choose the authorization type.
  • Click "Add Authorization" button.

Once you have submitted your request, the company you authorized should now be listed.

3. Manage Addresses

To add, delete or update any addresses:

  • Click the "Company" link and select "Manage Addresses" link.
  • Select a company from the drop down list.
  • Select an address from the drop down list or you may select "add new address".
  • Make the necessary changes to the selected address then click the "Update Address" button or create a new address then click the "Add Address" button.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at (916) 854-5777.