List of California District Attorney's Offices:

California Insurance Code Section 1877.3(b)(1) requires that insurers report suspected fraud to the California Department of Insurance - Fraud Division and the applicable California District Attorney. To assist you with this requirement, please reference the link below to view the addresses of all California County District Attorneys. Please send a copy of your fraud referral form (eFD-1) to the attention of the "Workers' Compensation Insurance Fraud Program" at the applicable District Attorney's Office.


Legal References:

California Insurance Code Section 1877.1(c) - "Insurer" means an insurer admitted to transact workers' compensation insurance in this state, the State Compensation Insurance Fund, an employer that has secured a certificate of consent to self-insure pursuant to subdivision (b) or (c) of Section 3700 of the Labor Code, or a third-party administrator that has secured a certificate pursuant to Section 3702.1 of the Labor Code.

California Insurance Code Section 1877.3 (b)(1) - When an insurer or licensed rating organization knows or reasonably believes it knows the identity of a person or entity whom it has reason to believe committed a fraudulent act relating to a workers’ compensation insurance claim or a workers’ compensation insurance policy, including any policy application, or has knowledge of such a fraudulent act that is reasonably believed not to have been reported to an authorized governmental agency, then, for the purpose of notification and investigation, the insurer, or agent authorized by an insurer to act on its behalf, or licensed rating organization shall notify the local district attorney’s office and the Fraud Division of the Department of Insurance, and may notify any other authorized governmental agency of that suspected fraud and provide any additional information in accordance with subdivision (a). The insurer or licensed rating organization shall state in its notice the basis of the suspected fraud.